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Raider's Handbook
Progression nights are Monday, Wednesday and Friday . Raids start at 20 PM Server time and last till 24 PM server, to secure a raid spot be online 30 minutes before raid time, invites will begin at 19:30 PM server time. Be prepared before asking for an invite, that means repair all of your gear. Have any resist gear or specialty items needed for the raid, including Flasks and other consumables. If you are a Raider and you are not in the instance at 20:00, you are wrong...

The Schedule...
» Sunday - off
» Monday - DoG:10m Raid (Mandatory)
» Tuesday - Anarchy/DoG: alt run/10m raid funsies
» Wednesday -DoG: 10m Raid (Mandatory)
» Thursday - off
» Friday - off
» Saturday - Anarchy: 10m Raid

Since we only raid two days per week we really don't have a lot of leeway for absences, our policy is this: miss two raids in two months and you lose your Raider status. You can of course re apply for raider status (effective the week following your application) but if it becomes habit, you will likely just be replaced. That said, we do understand that sometimes... the real world happens, all we ask is that if you are going to miss a raid or if you are going to be late make a post on the AFK Forums to let us know, it could be the difference between a raid invite and riding the pine.

Note: If you absolutely have to leave before raid time, please let an officer know as soon as possible so that we can arrange a replacement.